Fighting for Protection: Why Options Give Investors a Leg-Up in This Market

Often times, investors find themselves in precarious situations when it comes to the stock market. It impacts all kinds of investors too. Short-term, long-term, those searching for income, those screening for day trades and the ones looking for multi-week or multi-month swing trades. It’s the beauty of the markets; investors of all shapes, sizes and […]

How Bullish Traders Can Use Probabilities to Maximize Return

Do you ever find yourself in the situation where, you have a lot of conviction that the stock market, or at least a particular industry or sector, will make a notable move to the upside? Timing these moves can be difficult and even when traders are able to do so, buying the physical stock may […]

Looking for Income? Boost Your Payout With Probabilities

Everyone wants and needs income, whether it’s from working, in retirement or from trading. It’s a sought after source that provides us with not only what we need, but also with what we want. In today’s world of low – and in some instances negative – interest rates, finding that income is becoming harder and […]