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Trading Options on Stocks vs ETFs Is There a Big Difference

Trading Options on Stocks vs. ETFs: Is There a Big Difference?

Some investors may wonder what the difference is between trading ETFs and stocks. This question only grows more complicated when options are introduced. To be frank, trading ETFs vs. stocks is quite different, as each asset has a different risk/reward profile. It doesn’t help that not all stocks are equal, nor are all ETFs. For […]

Why Liquidity Is So Important in the Options Market

Why Liquidity Is So Important in the Options Market

Liquidity plays an important role in all markets. Some assets are highly liquid — like stocks and bonds — that investors can sell at a moment’s notice. Have an unexpected medical bill and need $40,000? No problem. If you have money in the market and need it out, you could have it that same day […]

Fighting for Protection: Why Options Give Investors a Leg-Up in This Market

Often times, investors find themselves in precarious situations when it comes to the stock market. It impacts all kinds of investors too. Short-term, long-term, those searching for income, those screening for day trades and the ones looking for multi-week or multi-month swing trades. It’s the beauty of the markets; investors of all shapes, sizes and […]

Ways to Play the Election Year with Options

Election time is approaching. And after a nice calm summer where most investors are out on vacation, it’s time to get back to reality and get ready for a busy next few months in the investing world. There have been many financial surprises in the markets this year, including one of the worst January bear […]

Difference in Stocks and Stock Options

Usually, in high-end restaurants, you need to make a reservation before you can secure yourself a seat and try their good food. Sometimes, these reservations require a fee before the restaurant grants you dibs. It would be a shame if you don’t show up, but you are not at all required. Therefore, you have a […]